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What is EQ? EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is a set of learnable competencies that can be used in all facets of life, business and leadership. EQ enables you to apply thinking and feeling in making choices to connect powerfully with others and work through them, to generate shared results, build relationships and teams, maintain an appropriate work / life balance and to thrive. EQ relevance in business The challenges facing business today are: Talented individuals - finding them, growing them, leading them  and keeping them; Effective leadership - creating a culture, climate and environment  where people want to come to work - building trust, enabling growth, inspiring hope; Alignment - between the needs of the organisation, the team and  the individual - keeping people motivated, engaged and enrolled.     All of which impact on individual, team and organisational productivity.
EQ's role in solving these challenges Enables understanding - catalyses change and growth in individuals and fosters  employee’s balance and wellbeing; Builds trust - evolves leadership style to be a balance of directive, participative  and influential approaches dependent upon the context; Enables communication - develops the capability to partner and listen to differing points of view; Builds relationships  aligns and inspires team performance; Enables the organisational community to align - enables employee engagement.
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“No matter what we do or who we are dealing with, we are holding the other persons self esteem in our hands. Relationships should be a win / win relationship for all. I have never been so aware of my words / actions.” - Amka “The workshop met all my expectations. I learnt how to control anger. How to understand others feelings and most importantly how to overcome my problems.” - Unilever “Amazing. It’s unbelievable when you realise how much the next person has to offer.” - Enviroserv What aspect of the workshop was most important to you? - “I would say the aspect around trust. How often do we want people to trust us, but we don’t want to trust them.” - Enviroserv Top