Home Home What our Clients say What our Clients say How we Partner clients How we Partner clients About EQ About EQ About Us About Us Keith and Liz are individuals who partner with organisations and people who wish to rise to the challenge of ‘Change is Inevitable, Growth is a Choice’.  Their area of mastery is EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and they have invested themselves in bringing EQ to centre stage as a vehicle for evolving business thinking and behaviour in relation to leadership, employee engagement and organisational culture.  Our Approach Is both creative and practical and is a process of facilitating, inspiring and stretching individuals and teams in their growth and performance:
Creative  the relationship is a partnership where EQuip  intuitively engages with each interaction in the moment; Practical  the process is fluid yet the intention is one of  seeking outcomes and performance that is relevant; Facilitating  the style of interaction is one of discovery and  inward learning with individuals being encouraged to find the answers to the questions at hand; Inspiring  the intention is about aligning individual and  organisational objectives to create meaningful work; Stretching  the intention is to unblock and move beyond  perceived limits; Growth  growth is both professional and personal; Performance  performance becomes effective, sustainable  and profitable.
Keith Cunningham | keith@equiplive.co.za | 083 556 3182
Liz Cunningham | liz@equiplive.co.za | 083 556 8108
Since 2002 I have worked with emotional intelligence, mastering the ability to zone in on and support people to navigate the unconscious sabotaging behaviours, negative emotional energy patterns, limiting beliefs and stories that keep them from living their potential. Having entered the business world in the early 80’s with great enthusiasm and big aspirations, twenty years later I found myself wondering why I felt dissatisfied, stressed and lacking in energy to live life to the full.  I was making a good living... but not living well. My brother once described me as the “powder in the keg; someone with her own unique brand of high octane energy”. Perhaps it’s no surprise then, that at that time, in my efforts to regain my energy for life, I should be both curious and fascinated by the self repeating patterns of energy (or lack of), that permeate our personal and business relationships, lives and communities.                                                                   Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has provided me with a framework of intuitive understanding as to how these unseen patterns play out, not only in my world, but also in leadership, organisational culture, employee engagement, team dynamics and customer loyalty. Inspired by a dream of “putting the soul back into business”, my work is to share this understanding in the corporate space to catalyse, energise and support individual, team, leadership and organisational potential and growth. Developing emotional intelligence enables the evolution of new ways of being, seeing, feeling, thinking and doing which energises people, energises relationships, energises teams, energises organizations and impacts humanity and the world. As well as working with the mind / body wellbeing that Emotional Intelligence enables, I am committed to bringing body / mind understanding and practice to individuals to counter the effects of stress and the lack of wellbeing.