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There are many contributors to our process and over the years their work and ideas have been woven together with ours. They include: Gallup Organisation,  6 Seconds, John Dickinson, Harvard Business Reviews, TED, HeartMath Institute, Nick Christellis,  Richard Barrett Values Centre, Daniel Goleman, Marcus Buckingham, Chip Conley, Chester Elton, Simon Sinek, Daniel Pink, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Lipton and our former Appletree associates to name some.
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Our Partnership Model
  The challenges and changes of daily life show up in such a way that there is always some new situation to figure out. The process we apply in supporting individuals to navigate through change, from a standpoint of choice, is the same process that EQuip applies in partnering with organisations. Create awareness of the current reality to counter the denial for the need for change, Pay attention to patterns of thinking, belief and behaviour and harness the energy of resistance to facilitate insight and create openness and shift perception, Explore and build alignment between individual, team and organisational priorities and intention, Support new ways of thinking, feeling and doing through measurement, feedback and EQ mentoring. Sustainably supporting people and organisations in the change cycles is the basis of EQuip’s partnership model. Changing culture and intention is not a one off process and so our partnership model is for the long term; consciously evolving the conditions and an environment where people are enabled, and want to work.