EQuip’s work matters because it supports growth that is meaningful to the individual and is aligned to the organisation’s strategic focus.
What our Clients say:
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Keith Cunningham | keith@equiplive.co.za | 083 556 3182
Liz Cunningham | liz@equiplive.co.za | 083 556 8108
Add strategic relevance to what organizations aspire to; Positively impact on corporate culture and climate; Understand the company’s vision at a strategic level and translate this into processes that meaningfully impacts behaviour; Translate culture into employee and team behaviours that add value to the business; Understand individual and organizational patterns that cause fear of change.
“The business I was managing (Federal Mogul – Friction Products) required change. I needed to find a program that would create the space for employees to realize they have choices. To understand how to manage and control their emotions in conflict situations, and most of all to release the full potential of their ‘magic’ into the business. Keith and Liz Cunningham offered just such a course.  It was a real life- enriching program. Keith and Liz live the program, they teach with enthusiasm and excitement and most of all truly believe in what they teach.” Johnny has now retired and consults to organisations